Smarter Engagement,
Better Outcomes.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to touch and positively impact 100 million lives by 2020 with an emphasis on underserved populations. To date, we have led and defined the mobile health messaging market in the US. Tomorrow, we expect to lead the digital patient engagement category, or more aptly, to be the “brains behind the internet of healthcare things”. To realize our mission, we strive to continuously introduce outcomes-based innovation to the industry.

Our Mission
Our Difference

Our Difference.

Mindful ROI. We continuously strive to deliver highest ROI… fastest. Our solution is a dynamic learning system that keeps on improving to push and sustain performance. And from experience, we have insights into which use cases create early wins, how to balance impact versus risk, and how to mitigate typical bottlenecks and speed bumps.

mindfulness [ˈmīndfəlnəs]
the quality of fullness of attention, immediacy, non-distraction

Industry Firsts. We helped to pioneer dynamic content, language-appropriate translations for mobile messaging, and popularized the application of online advertising techniques like multivariate testing in patient engagement. Today, many others have followed our footsteps.

Developed for Scale. Unlike most others, our platform scales gracefully from small implementation to big enterprise. Organizations big or small can launch the most basic campaign capable of responding to hundreds of concurrent requests per second using our web-based application. Rich multimodal content, complex business rules and capacity can be easily introduced when the needs arise.

End-to-End. HealthCrowd's solution delivers complete infrastructure needed for smarter patient engagement, not just simple messaging. We cover the spectrum from gathering consent all the way to analyzing outcomes — stitching together all the non-trivial pieces so you don't have to.

Customer Success Program. We are also the first to bring this best practice to the healthcare industry. Our path-breaking Customer Success Program keeps us aligned with your goals from day one, from planning to implementation to adoption and continued performance.

DH*RMA [ˈdärmə]

HealthCrowd's DH*RMA platform is the first truly unified, end-to-end engagement platform for healthcare. Learn more about each supporting pillar. DH*RMA stands for Dynamic Human-activating Realtime Multimodal Automation. While it describes our current flagship product well, the name was actually chosen as a metaphor for how we do business.

Daruma (Japanese for dharma) dolls are a symbol of good luck. The doll represents patience and perseverance. Daruma dolls are traditionally purchased when someone starts a new chapter in life. One eye is painted in when a wish is made, then the other when the wish is fulfilled.

At HealthCrowd, we like to think of our customer programs in the same way. We paint one eye when your goal is set. We paint in the other eye when your goal is accomplished. The one-eyed Daruma keeps us aware, motivated and on our toes until we fulfill your objectives.

We have the same commitment to members and patients as well. That is why our mission is not to just touch, but to positively impact someone's life. Only then can we consider our job done.

Daruma Doll
About Us

About Us.

HealthCrowd is the first truly unified, end-to-end engagement platform for healthcare. We help healthcare organizations unify, automate and optimize multimodal communications to deliver personalized patient engagement at scale. By fusing healthcare domain expertise with ad analytics, HealthCrowd delivers a solution that was built from the ground up to engage patients with the triple aim of improved quality, clinical and financial outcomes for our customers. We are located in sunny Foster City, CA.

Executive Team
Bringing experience, talent and passion to you

Neng Bing Doh MBA  Chief Executive Officer

Neng Bing Doh MBA

Bing is a pioneer in the area of mobile messaging for healthcare, with a special interest in underserved populations. Together with Bern Shen, MD, she founded HealthCrowd to apply behavioral change techniques mastered from her prior experience, to the healthcare industry. She was most recently VP & GM at Tribal Fusion, a top 5 global digital ad network, heading up their in-text advertising business. Previously, she served on the management team of consumer shopping start-up, iStorez (acquired). At Netblue (now Epic Media), she tripled their display advertising business to $25M+ while bringing it back into profitability, grew their affiliate revenue by over 10x and was responsible for building hundreds of compelling consumer experiences. In her free time, Bing advises early-stage media and healthcare IT start-ups. Bing started her career in software development at Hewlett Packard, holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and an MBA from Cornell, where she was an SC Johnson Merit Scholar. She is also a Springboard Enterprises Life Science entrepreneur.

Bern Shen MD  Chief Medical Officer

Bern Shen MD

Formerly double Board Certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine, Bern practiced clinically for 15 years at Yale, Pitt, UCSF and international sites as diverse as Nepal, the Marshall Islands, and the South Pole. He then transitioned to a technology career, did medical software and business development for Hewlett Packard and Oracle, and served as Intel’s Chief Healthcare Strategist. That led him to working with healthcare IT start-ups as a co-founder, advisor or investor. Bern is a member of the Band of Angels and serves on their Life Sciences Screening Committee. In the public arena, he led the health practice at the Institute for the Future, served as Chairman of The Health Trust and as a Board member of several other non-profits. He has adjunct faculty appointments in schools of medicine, pharmacy and business at UCSF and the University of Iowa. Bern holds an AB in Biochemistry from Harvard and an MD and MPhil in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale.

Clive Wu PhD  Chief Operating and Technology Officer

Clive Wu PhD

Clive thrives on adrenalin and performance. An avid automobile club-racer and serial technology entrepreneur, Clive is an expert in data analytics and optimization. While at Stanford, he worked under Prof. Stephen Boyd and co-authored two popular open-source convex optimization software packages. He was most recently CEO at HanuNet, a mobile media startup he co-founded while studying at Wharton. Before HanuNet, Clive co-founded Aprio Technologies (acquired) and served as CEO and CTO. Aprio provides technology that improves the performance and reduces the power-consumption of everyday mobile devices. Prior to that, Clive was Engineering VP at Numerical Technologies and was part of the management team that led the company to an initial public offering on NASDAQ. He is an inventor on 14 US/International patents. Clive holds a BS in EE from the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, an MS and PhD in EE from Stanford University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Distinguished Advisors
Experts and innovators engaged in our work

Clayton Christensen DBA

Clayton Christensen DBA

Clayton holds a BA from Brigham Young University and an MPhil in applied econometrics from Oxford University where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. He received an MBA and a DBA from the Harvard Business School, where he is currently the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration. He is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth. Clayton is also the best-selling author of eight books and more than a hundred articles, including the New York Times best-selling, “How Will You Measure Your Life?” He received the Global Business Book Award for The Innovator's Dilemma and The Economist named it as one of the six most important books about business ever written. In 2011 in a poll of thousands of executives, consultants and business school professors, Christensen was named as the most influential business thinker in the world.

Marilyn Schlein Kramer

Marilyn Schlein Kramer

As President/CEO of DxCG, Inc. (now Verisk Health), Marilyn transformed a research-oriented consulting practice into one of Massachusetts top 100 women-led businesses. Under her leadership, DxCG achieved a compound annual growth rate of 45% and expanded its client list to more than 250 customers. Marilyn executed a successful exit strategy with the sale of DxCG to Verisk, a $1B provider of risk modeling and decision analytics. Marilyn also served as the first Executive Director of The Partnership for Healthcare Excellence. Recently, she was appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy where she oversees the Commonwealth's All-Payer Claims Database. Marilyn received her MBA from the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and her BA in Economics from Harvard University where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Rajiv Kumar, MD

Rajiv Kumar, MD

Rajiv is CEO of ShapeUp, an online wellness platform for companies and health plans that leverages the power of a trusted social network to improve the health of large populations. He is also the founder of a community non-profit organization Shape Up Rhode Island, a statewide exercise and weight loss campaign founded on the belief that the solution to healthy living lies in the power of teamwork and peer support. Rajiv has dedicated his life to helping people reverse and prevent obesity-related illnesses through group behavior change models. Rajiv attended Brown University, where he obtained both his BA in Business Economics and MD degrees.

Elisabeth Belmont Esq.

Elisabeth Belmont Esq.

Elisabeth serves as Corporate Counsel for MaineHealth, a family of healthcare services located in southern, central and western Maine. She serves as a member of the Board on Health Care Services of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the Technical Expert Panel of the federal Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, and the Editorial Board of Bloomberg BNA HEALTH LAW REPORTER. Ms. Belmont is a Past President of the American Health Lawyers Association, and was named by MODERN HEALTHCARE as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Healthcare in 2007. Ms. Belmont is a nationally recognized lecturer and author on a myriad of health law topics.

Scott Brave PhD

Scott Brave PhD

Scott is a founder and CTO of Baynote, Inc. Prior to Baynote, he was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University and served as lab manager for the CHIMe (Communication between Humans and Interactive Media) Lab. Scott is an inventor of six patents and co-author of over 25 publications in the areas of human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. Scott was also an Editor of the “International Journal of Human-Computer Studies” (Amsterdam: Elsevier) and co-author of “Wired for speech: How voice activates and advances the human-computer relationship” (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press). Scott received his PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, and BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University, and his Master’s from the MIT Media Lab.

Vibhu Mittal PhD

Vibhu Mittal PhD

Vibhu is the founder and CEO of Root-1 (acquired by Edmodo), a company focusing on K-12 educational knowledge generation. Prior to Root-1, he was a senior researcher at Google and helped establish their first remote office in India. In addition to Google, he has been affiliated with Xerox/PARC, Stanford/CSLI, CMU/LTI, Pitt/LRDC, USC/ISI and TIFR, Mumbai. Vibhu holds a BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, an MS from Ohio State University and a PhD from the University of Southern California, all in Computer Science.

Dave Kil

Dave Kil

Dave was Chief Scientist at South Korea Telecom Americas (SKTA) and Chief Science Officer at Humana. At SKTA, he founded the iWell project and built an integrated wellness platform that underwent a successful clinical trial at PeaceHealth. At Humana, he led the design and development efforts in enterprise knowledge engine while working with Samsung on U-Health initiatives. The knowledge engine won the best-of-breed technology award from the ComputerWorld magazine. He co-authored a book “Pattern Recognition and Prediction with Applications to Signal Characterization” by Springer-Verlag, published over 30 papers, and holds 8 US/European patents. He graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering & Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Highest Honor and Bronze Tablet), holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Mentors and Investors

Springboard Enterprises Band of Angels The Alchemist Accelerator Hanhai Investment Sierra Maya Ventures

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