Engage or Enrage?

Ponder this. Most health plans operate in silos, outreaching to members as needed but detached from the larger experience. No one entity coordinates these disparate member communications from different departments and vendors. To make matters worse, providers and pharmacies reach out to the very same members, sometimes with overlapping messages. The result is bombardment and confusion at best, abrasion and dissatisfaction at worst.

Few if any health plans are aware of all of the communications a member receives, when they were received and at what frequency, or how it was perceived by a member. With the shift in ratings toward consumer experience coupled with savvier members, could you afford not to know?
A woman frustrated by untimely, uncoordinated communications

Introducing Communications Orchestration

What Is It? The ability to control, coordinate and monitor individualized member communications with the dual objective of delivering outcomes and a compelling consumer experience.

Why Orchestration?


Coordinated communications have become relevant and necessary from every vantage point given burgeoning healthcare consumerism. Your communications are a part of your brand. The long list of reasons to invest in an orchestration platform:

  • Elevate your brand to drive member acquisition / retention
  • Deliver an experience that can impact CAHPS / STAR
  • Drive more healthy actions with individualized nudges
  • Manage TCPA risk in a litigious environment
  • Save money by streamlining communication workflows
  • Seamlessly supplement Population Health, Care Management and CRM platforms
A happy health plan worker orchestrating communications
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Why HealthCrowd?

Moving to orchestration is no mean feat. Simply powering omnichannel campaigns is the easy part. The real challenge is in the ability to unify, harmonize and optimize individualized communications across an organization and its ecosystem.

As the category pioneer in healthcare, HealthCrowd has answered this challenge with key technology enablers encapsulated by our Best Next Nudge technology. Best Next Nudge delivers individualized nudges that best maximize each touchpoint based on defined objectives. It empowers you with unprecedented levels of granularity at which you may control and manage your member’s experience.

Best Next Nudge™ Technology

Individualized Nudges that Best Maximize Each Touchpoint Based on Defined Objectives



Traditional campaigns are hard-coded and inflexible. What this means is that all members in a campaign get the same communications at the same time. Further, traditional campaigns are oblivious to each other, so, campaigns being originated by different departments may very well hit the member at the same time, with different styles and tones, with no consideration for priority nor urgency. These examples all run counter to the core of member engagement.

HealthCrowd Streams are campaigns decoupled by individual members, or better, campaigns-of-one. Individualized timelines. Individualized communications. It’s foundational building block is the hiNudge.



Every second in the HealthCrowd universe, multitudes of HealthCrowd Intelligent Nudges (hiNudge) are born. They perform a specific job for a specific member, and then self-destruct. These nudges are polymorphic, in that they can become anything. A hiNudge can manifest into a Text Message, IVR, Email or any other communication unit. A nudge can carry any type of targeted content. A nudge can appear anywhere on a member’s timeline. When the job is done, it vanishes into thin air, only to be reincarnated another time.

how hiNudge works
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hiNudge flow